2 reasons for low sales from social media videos and what to do about it | Mohan Jaey

2 reasons for low sales from social media content. 

If you are posting content consistently and not getting any form of sales or results from it then here are the two main reasons. 

Number one you can be selling a lot. 

Almost in all of your videos what you're doing is you are selling hard. 

Customers will get turned off when they try to watch a content where all you're asking is for their money all of the time. 

The second reason why you're not getting enough sales from social media content is you are not selling enough. 

This is where you're giving a lot of education and information without asking for the sale in return. 

As you can see clearly now you have to strike a balance. 

The balance is the golden ratio of asking for the sale. 

For every 3 videos ask for a sale meaning the fourth video will be your sales video. 

This is highly effective because you are giving value continuously without asking anything in return but asking at the right time especially after building the trust. 

So, focus on building trust and sales from social media content will become easier for you. 

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