17 social media video content ideas for beginners | Mohan Jaey

17 social media content ideas for beginners.

It can be a struggle to come out with new ideas.

These 17 content ideas can keep you ahead than your competitors when you use them.

Here are the list of the ideas you can use to post on social media for growth and get more sales:

1. How to tutorials
2. Product or service demo
3. Product unboxing
4. Day in the life
5. Storytelling personal or business
6. Life hacks
7. Trending videos recreate
8. Motivational idea or quotes 
9. Customer testimonials
10. Personal growth challenges
11. Current events or news updates
12. Product, food or movie reviews
13. Your product or service hacks
14. Answer questions Q&A
15. Behind the scenes
16. Share recent experiences
17. Reintroduce your self, products or services to new followers

Go for it!

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