Most small business owners can avoid this mistake easily | Mohan Jaey

How to promote your product easily

Most small business owners can easily avoid this mistake. 

If you have a new product or a new product launch then make sure you're not making this mistake. 

It can be tempting for you to launch the marketing in multiple channels.

Now, they may work. 

However, you have to understand that it's not about the channels, it's about your offer and your marketing messaging.

So, focus on finding your offer until it can resonate with your target audience easily.

When you can do that, it will be easier for you to promote in any channels. 

So, don't focus on the channels. 

Focus on your offer and also remember it's about volume and time.

You cannot give up just with one attempt alone. 

You must try multiple times and collect the data.

Go for it!

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