How to generate content ideas easily | You are not having content ideas problem | Mohan Jaey

How to generate more content ideas?

You are not having content ideas problem. 

You are having confidence problem.

You just lack the confidence to record ideas to share your thoughts and share things that will transform the lives of others.

Now, if you look at that, you are being truly selfish. 

You are so much concerned about what others may talk about you, what others may tell things about you, and that may hurt you.

It's about




Imagine the ideas and the knowledge that you are going to share is going to transform lives. 

Now, that's beyond you. 

That's what you must focus on.

That's what I am focusing on.

I just don't care what other people are going to talk about me.

What matters is I must deliver massive value to you because life is finite.

I don't want to have any regrets.

I want to share my thoughts share my knowledge to serve you.

Go for it!

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