3 social media video ideas for new small business owners | Mohan Jaey

3 social media content ideas for new business owners.

Use these video ideas to reach your potential customers and get more sales.

Number one storytelling. 

Share the stories on how you came out with your product or service.

What are the problems that caused you to come up with the solution and what is your journey that you went through to come out with your business or your products or your services.

Through stories you will be able to connect with your potential customers in the most human way possible.

Number 2 customer testimonials when you are sharing customer reviews and testimonials, you'll build trust easily. 

Initially, your potential customers may not trust you but when you share people who are alike them using your products or services they will be interested in you.

Number 3 behind the scenes videos.

You can share your journey.

Document your journey. 

People would be interested in how you are building your business. 

What are the ways you are finding to solve your customers' problem and what are the ways you are trying to make your products or services better for your target market.

Go for it!

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