Use this proven method to get new content ideas | Mohan Jaey

Use this proven method to get new content ideas.

If you're struggling to get new ideas to post videos on social media then this can be useful for you.

Instead of trying to create something new, here's what you can do.

Actually, here's what I'm doing too.

I am sharing my experiences and when you are sharing experiences you don't have to create because you just have to share what happened and what's real and when you're doing that it's effortless and easy for you to document your journey of creating.

Creation can be challenging but documenting is really simple and effortless.

And here are 3 simple ways that you can document or you can share your own experiences.

Number one is share distant past experience.

It happened very long time ago.

And second you can share near experience. Meaning, it just happened recently.

And third you can share current events.

What's happening now? what are you going to do now?

And it's not supposed to be only about your personal experience.

It can be about your customer journey, your customer testimonials or what's happening in your business now.

So, when you're doing this, when you're sharing this, you are being authentic and also being able to come up with new content ideas easily and effortlessly.

Try it out.

Go for it!

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