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Social media video ideas others are not talking about.

If you are struggling to come up with social media video ideas that can help you to generate more sales online then I would recommend you to try this method.

I have no idea why others are not talking about it.

Try reading books.

When you're reading books, you would come across lines sometimes

one paragraph

one sentence

one line

can give you crazy inspiration and when you apply that inspiration through your videos, you would be able to attract attention at scale when you do it right.

So, you'll be able to get unlimited ideas if you have reading as a habit.

I practice reading every single day. I read a lot and while I'm reading I'll have 2 things:

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I will see you soon

Back to this.

1. I'll get one major idea from that book which I would be sharing to the world or 

2. While I'm reading the book I'll be getting ideas from nowhere, I have no idea how I get that but that one idea is out of that book.

That topic would come to me and I would be sharing that.

I'll be making videos about it. 

So, turn reading into your secret idea generation tool for your social media videos.

Go for it!

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