Is it okay to repeat your social media content frequently? | Mohan Jaey

Is it okay to repeat your social media content frequently?

If you're uploading on social media platforms your videos and some of the videos are performing really well.

However, you are thinking whether to reupload that video again or not, then I would say stop your worries and do this.

Start uploading your videos repeatedly again and again but do not do it in a shorter period of time.

Do it for the longer period of time.

Meaning, leave some gaps between.

Why this is important?

You have to understand how social media works. 

If you have 1000 followers and when you post your videos not all of that 1000 followers are going to watch your video.

Your videos will be shown to some new people.

So, it's totally fine for you to repeat who you are, what are you selling, what are your products or services, how are you helping people to solve their problems.

Now, when you repeat this there is another benefit because people will remember you better when you're being consistent at what you are providing them.

So, have no fear in uploading the same videos again and again but make sure you're not doing this too frequent. 

Make it occasional.

Go for it.

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