How to overcome sales rejection without losing your self confidence | Mohan Jaey

When your customer said no and they don't like your product, they don't want it, they don't want to buy and you are heartbroken.

This is the end that's what you're claiming. It's over, you want to give up.

Wait, listen to me. Stop! 

Confidence comes from your abilities. When you have abilities, you will have confidence and when you hear a no, of course you will doubt yourself but I want you to do this.

Ask yourself this question. 

How I can become better? and when you ask yourself this question you will realize that sales rejection is not meant to crush you, sales rejection is meant to shape you.

Now, here are the three ways to get better.

You must sell to the right target market. Sometimes, your product can be at right price but your customers may complain that the price is expensive and for that reason you have to identify that you are selling to the wrong target market.

So, fix your target market. 

Second way to get better is improve your product. 

Sometimes your product can be truly lousy. So, make sure you are fixing your product and make sure your product is Top notch and third way to improve is to improve your sales pitch.

If your product is good, if your services are good and also YOUR target market is perfect, then if you are still getting rejected and make sure your sales funnel and your sales pitch is strong enough.

You must focus more on these two things.

Number one more volume. 

When you're doing more sales outreach, when you're doing more sales meeting and calls, you will learn more and also when you are doing it for a very long period of time, you achieve mastery.

Once you have mastery you will make it happen

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Go for it!

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