Customers are not loyal to you. Customers are loyal to your promise. | Mohan Jaey

Customers are not loyal to you. Your customers are loyal to your promise. 

So, the day you break your promise , that's the day they will leave you and then they will find someone else.

So, the goal is for you to fulfil your promises consistently.

If you're not fulfilling the promise consistently, then you are in danger. 

Make sure you are giving a strong promise that can really solve the problem. 

At the same time you are capable of solving it consistently.

That's the idea of building a brand that can last and just observe every other brand out there.

They will screw up occasionally and the screw-ups are generally not aligned with the promise that they made about your brand. 

Simple as that. 

So, identify what is the promise you are giving to your customers and identify the ways and all the solutions that you can give to fulfil the promise without fail.

Go for it!

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