5 easy video ideas to get more sales online for your small business | Mohan Jaey

5 easy video ideas to get more sales for your small business.

If you are finding ways to sell more products or services using social media, these video ideas can be useful for you.

1. Awareness videos.

Most of your potential customers are not even aware of the problems and the solutions they will be needing.

You can make videos to introduce the problem, solution and your products or services seamlessly.

2. Educational videos.

These are powerful marketing method that can help to build trust effectively.

You can make how to content that can teach your customers to solve their problems better.

3. Live demo.

Demonstration videos are simple and effective because you can help your customers to imagine the experience of using your products or services before buying them.

4. Testimonials.

Customers will buy when they see people like them using your products or services and being able to enjoy the benefits.

5. Q&A

Your customers will not buy from you if they have doubts about your products and services.

Help them to clear their doubts by answering common questions and build trust.

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