3 simple habits I practice daily to generate new creative ideas | Mohan Jaey

3 simple habits I practice daily to generate new creative ideas easily. 

Whether it's for my social media videos or to solve my clients problems or to solve my very own problems, I practice them every single day religiously.

And the first habit that I practise early in the morning is the habit of writing.

I write every single day.

I have my notebook and then I will write down my thoughts it's not going to be a specific purpose I will just write whatever things that is coming to my mind and this way the ideas will be mixed up but I will be able to draw inspiration from it and that's the first step

Second habit is the habit of walking frequently throughout the day.

The reason is very simple. I use a standing desk and I don't use a normal desk so when I'm standing I am doing my work and I'll have this creative moment, then I'll start walking more and studies have shown that walking boosts creativity and I'm creating a natural environment for me to walk more. That's healthy too by the way.

Third habit is reading. 

Reading books changed my life. I know if I'm having any issues or problems or I'm stuck with something then I'll immediately take a nap or I will start reading. 

When I read books, I have no idea how this thing works but I'll be able to get the perfect idea to solve my problems. 

Probably when I'm reading my mind is working behind the scenes.

I believe so.

I don't understand the science behind it but it works and I can get crazy ideas just by reading books.

These things are so simple.

I believe anyone can practice it.

Go for it! 

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