Use this technique to steal customers from your competitors (ethically) | Mohan Jaey

Use this technique to steal customers from your competitors (ethically)

Now, this may sound unethical but when it's comes to business it's all war.

You must be focused on your customers but if you are losing them to your competitors then it's time for you to study your competitors and win back your customers.

Here's what you must do.

Read the reviews of your competitors online. Study them especially bad reviews.

Observe the pattern and common problems being faced by their customers.

Make sure you take steps to fix your products or services and not giving the same issues as your customers.

Now, you can use this knowledge to promote to your target market.

Share specifically about the problems that they are facing and how your products and services are different where you can solve them easily and better than your competitors.

Your potential customers will begin to notice that you are improving and you will get attention at scale because if few people are complaining,then chances are many people are thinking about it.

Go win more customers ethically.

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Go for it!

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