2 Strategies I Use to Post Social Media Videos Daily | Mohan Jaey

2 strategies I use to post videos daily on social media.

If you're not posting videos on social media platforms you're missing out big.

I've been posting for over 200 days in 8 major social media platforms.

I was able to gain more confidence, clarity, skills, connections with amazing people, and most importantly sales.

If you want to build your business or your personal brand and I would recommend you to post videos daily.

Now, it can be helpful in terms of algorithm to support you if you're being consistent but the truth is your videos will perform better when you're uploading daily because your skills are getting better every single day and that's the reason why I would recommend you to post videos daily.

Now, here are the two strategies that I use to post videos.

Number one batching.

I shoot multiple videos in a day, meaning I will create 7 videos in just one day.

All I do is I'll find a day in a week and allocate time to shoot the videos.

This way, I am minimising the time that it takes to make and record videos. 

Strategy number 2 is backups.

I always have extra videos for backups.


Just in case if I'm not being able to post the videos, let's say I'm sick, I have meetings, I can use the extra videos, the backup videos and upload them if I'm not being able to record videos on that day.

So, backups are really useful.

Use the strategies to build your business or personal brand. 

I would highly recommend you to overcome your fears and upload every single day. 

Go for it! 

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