This secret mindset helped me to post videos for 200 days daily


This secret mindset helped me to post videos for 200 days daily.

Every single day without skipping at all.

You can go to my profile and have a look and not only on one social media platform but 8 major social media platforms.

I was able to do this effortlessly and I was able to get crazy amount of benefits.

I was able to build my confidence, build my capabilities in posting videos and also great connections with amazing people and not forgetting the sales that I was able to generate for my coaching business.

This is crazy! If you're not posting videos, you are missing out big and this is the secret mindset that helped me.

Let me help you to visualise.

Imagine you want to get to the top of a mountain that's the peak or your goal that you want to achieve.

That's your destination and you are starting from the bottom. When you're looking at the top of the mountain from the bottom you will feel intimidated, you will feel scared.

Why? because there's a huge gap in between and that gap will get filled with your fears and doubts.

So, what to do?

Don't look at the top, look at the bottom. Look down and when you look down tell yourself


That will help you to get to the top in no time because you are focused on the process and wanting to get to the top without any distractions, without letting any fears or doubts jump in and exactly this is what I did.

I was telling myself


That's the same thing that I started 90 Day Video Challenge.

I love challenges and experiments and now I've crossed 200 days.

It's crazy and I'm not going to stop and if you need help or guidance reach out to me.

I know this mindset I alone with my disadvantages I was able to do this. I know definitely you can achieve the same thing.

You can do this better than me.

If you need help or guidance to learn from my mistakes or failures, reach out to me.

I'll help you.

Go for it!