This Is The Sales Mindset That Helped Me to Generate More Sales | Mohan Jaey

This is the sales mindset that helped me to generate more sales.

I started selling at the age of 13 to my schoolmates.

I have failed a lot and learned a lot in this over decades of experience.

One mindset helped me to overcome sales challenges and actually boosted my sales than any other techniques or strategies.

It's sales rejections.

I was embracing and looking forward to fail more or get more Nos because I was studying my why customers or clients are rejecting and keep refining until all I'm getting is Yes.

Chasing after Nos can be useful especially at the beginning of your career or business.

You have an opportunity to learn from your customers on what they want and deliver that consistently.

This is a numbers game too.

When you fail to generate sales from 50 people, you can study the failure and improvise your sales script or services until you get more yesses.

Keep learning and keep growing.

You can make it happen.

Go for it.

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