Competitors are copying me. What am I supposed to do? | Mohan Jaey

Competitors are copying me what am I supposed to do?

If your competitors are copying you that's the greatest compliment that you can ever receive. 

Instead of whining and complaining about it here's what you can do.

Share the story with your audience or customers.

This will help you to capture attention at scale because you are now a hero and there's a villain in your story.

Don't talk in detail about your villain but share what's happening and what are you planning to do.

You will gain support, love and most importantly respect for sharing your truth.

Your competitors can copy what you do but not who you are.

You are your promise and the way you fulfill it for your target market.

Maintain consistency in that and you will be able to retain your customers for the long term.

They can copy your past but never your mission. Stay focused on bringing in new innovations that can help your business to grow but too late for your competitors to copy and follow.

Fail fast, learn fast and move fast.

And remember to focus on what matters most:

Your customers.

Go for it!

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