3 Ways to Find Opportunities to Walk More Daily | Mohan Jaey

Here are the 3 Ways to Find Opportunities to Walk More Daily 

Walking is a powerful exercise that can be done by anyone at any age and anytime.

You don't need to prepare a lot. Pick your destination and start walking.

However, the challenge lies in finding the time to walk consistently as a daily practice.

And that's the reason why I created an environment where I am forced to walk more throughout the day.

Here are the 3 major ways I am using to walk more daily and maintain a healthy lifestyle especially during working hours.

1. Drinking water.

I will keep my water bottle away from my desk. I am forced to walk a distance to drink water and I am grateful for having the habit of drinking water regularly throughout the day. This means, I am walking a short distance multiple times.

2. Staircase.

Whenever possible, I will use staircase frequently than using elevators or escalators unless I have to go more than 3 floors.

For an example, I will use the bathroom at the second floor of my office instead of my office room floor.

3. Standing desk.

This is such a simple idea but it works like magic. Switch from normal sitting desk to a standing desk and you will find yourself walking more frequently.

My job requires a lot of creativity and I will walk a lot. This does not mean I am not being productive. I am actually being more productive by being able to generate ideas easily.

I am always energized when I am using a standing desk.

Highly recommended.

Go for it!

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