3 videos to get more sales without showing your face | Mohan Jaey

 If you're selling products or services and if you're too shy to speak in front of camera to sell your products or services then these ideas can be useful for you.

These ideas are from my free 90 Day Video Challenge Guide that I've made completely free for you and for a limited time I'm offering a free coaching session to help you implement the ideas.

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The first idea is UGC.

What is UGC?

User generated content is videos or images made my by your customers online giving reviews or sharing their stories about your product or services.

You can get their permission to use the videos for you to get more sales.

This is effective because customers will build trust when they see people who are similar to them.

Second idea is to use behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes can be powerful because you are showing the process of you creating the work and it can be applied for both the products and services.

Third idea is to use unboxing videos.

Unboxing videos can be perfect for products and also relevant for services.

You just have to record yourself the experience of the product or service for the first time.

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Go for it!